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Intellitron SP-1402 Mobile Speaker with Mounting Bracket

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Product description

The Intellitron SP-1402 mobile speaker stands out as an excellent choice for SSB/FM/AM and CW applications, delivering clear audio without any discernible distortion. Its exceptional performance is attributed to a great frequency range spanning from 600 to 4000Hz. This broad range allows for enhanced clarity and detail in audio reproduction, making it particularly effective for various modes of communication.

One notable feature of the SP-1402 is its ability to reduce static and common hum, which are often encountered with other speakers. This reduction in unwanted noise contributes to a more pleasant listening experience, especially in environments where clear communication is essential.

Whether you’re engaged in single sideband (SSB), frequency modulation (FM), amplitude modulation (AM), or continuous wave (CW) operations, the SP-1402 mobile speaker provides reliable and high-quality audio output. Its design emphasizes audio clarity, making it a valuable accessory for radio enthusiasts and operators seeking an enhanced listening experience.

Dimensions 3 1/4in x 3in x 2 1/3in