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Intellitron AM-814AX Guy Ring Set Aluminum

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Product description

The Intellitron AM-812FX and AM-814AX Guy Ring kits offer a quick and easy solution for guying telescopic masts. Both kits provide three disks, each with a different center-hole diameter sized to slip over 1-1/4-inch, one-inch, or ¾-inch OD tubing. The AM-812FX disks are machined from solid 1/8-inch FR4 fiberglass and are specified for use with fiberglass masts. The AM-814AX are machined from solid aluminum plate and are specified for use with aluminum masts. Both have five 1/4-inch attachment holes spaced to accommodate either 3 or 4 guy lines. Securing disks in place is easy. Simply allow the disk to butt up against the next-larger diameter tube below — no hardware required.

Guy Line Attachment:

Generally, 1/8” Black Dacron antenna support rope offers plenty of strength and resistance to UV damage. For portable setups, you may attach line directly to the disk and secure with a conventional knot. For permanent installations, consider installing metal thimbles to protect the guy lines from chaffing.


AM-814AX Specifications:

 Ring Size (OD):  2.75” (70 mm)

Ring Hole Size (ID): 1.264” (32.1 mm), 1.031” (26.2mm), 0. 0.781” (19.8 mm)

Mast Size: 1.25”, 1.0”, and .75”

Guy Attachment Holes: ¼” (6.35mm)

Hole Pattern: 5 holes, spaced to accommodate 3 or 4 lines

Ring Material: Aluminum

Ring Thickness: 0.12” (30.5 mm)